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Description of the project

General name of the project: Heritage 1
Project division: The School of Knights

Project Brief:
This project is supported by the society Balticum Ordo Templi (Knights Templars of the Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem) and Training and Research Centre of European practical fencing and self-defense "Combata Danza Macabra". The School of Young Knights is not just for fun, it is also for the teaching of traditional philosophy, the principles of life, and for modeling a disciplined lifestyle. That's why The School of Young Knights can become a very important stage in a child's life. Dancing and fencing have always been considered the most aristocratic exercises. They enable us to develop and strengthen the muscles that form your posture, speed of response and nobleness. Dancing and fencing affect children's outer beauty and grace. And that's not all, The School of Young Knights allows the child to develop not only physically, but also spiritually. In a playful way, a child learns the rules of etiquette, history, culture and the arts. Through our school, children learn how to become disciplined, hard-working and more creative.
This project will give your child the opportunity to develop skills in:
- Exercise in self-defense and fencing;
- Etiquette;
- Medieval dance;
- Knowledge of the history, art and culture.

Participating in Project "Heritage 1" can learn children for the traditional values, including the importance of family, honor, masculinity, protecting the weak, charity, generosity, self control, patience, and respect for others.

Children's age group:
Children of different ages groups. Group consisting of at least 4 pupils 7-18 years.

Duration of the project:
March 2013 - March 2014. In the project can start at any time. The decision on the extension or termination of the project will be made in March 2014. (project prolonged)

Basis of the project

Goal of the project:
Leisure and after school extra curricular activity organisation for children from poor and disadvantages families. Physical, spiritual and creative development of children and teenagers. Formation of the child's personality in the best traditions of chivalry.

Project Tasks:
1. The creation of traditional values and moral points for young people
2. Creating a place where children could spend their free time for the benefit of themselves and without the "negative factor street"
3. Instill children to love history and art
4. Teach children historical fencing or archery, self-defense, folk dances with the possibility of their participation in competitions and historical festivals.

Forms of occupation:
Introducing with the history and culture of Latvia and Europe, ethno-cultural traditions, folklore, features medieval life (during training, subject-role-playing games, watching historical documentary films, festivals, celebrations, excursions). Participate with their parents in the family holding exhibitions of medieval art, sightseeing trips, including visits to historical sites, followed by presenting their experiences and excursions based on the themes of creative works.

Necessary basic knowledge, skills:
Not required.

Materials and resources needed for the project:
Providing the necessary materials (inventory, equipment, costumes) and classrooms.

Other Resources:
Recommended attracting sponsors.
Cooperation with government agencies and municipalities.

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