The School of Young Knights


Dear Friends,

We would like to introduce our project: "The School of Young Knights". This project is designed for children around the age of seven and takes place at the Training and Research Center of European practical fencing and self-defense "Combata Danza Macabra." This center is run by Balticum Ordo Templi (Baltic Knights Templar OSMTJ - Belgium).

The School of Young Knights is not just for fun, it is also for the teaching of traditional philosophy, the principles of life, and for modeling a disciplined lifestyle.

That's why The School of Young Knights can become a very important stage in a child's life. Dancing and fencing have always been considered the most aristocratic exercises. They enable us to develop and strengthen the muscles that form your posture, speed of response and nobleness. Dancing and fencing affect children's outer beauty and grace. And that's not all, The School of Young Knights allows the child to develop not only physically, but also spiritually. In a playful way, a child learns the rules of etiquette, history, culture and the arts. Through our school, children learn how to become disciplined, hard-working and more creative.


The purpose of the project:
To use your child's free time most effectively with physical, spiritual and creative development. We mold your child in the best traditions of chivalry.

Objectives of the project:
1. the creation of traditional values and a moral compass in young people
2. creating a place where children can spend their free time that also benefits them without the negative factors found on the street
3. instilling in children a love of history and art
4. educate children in historical fencing and folk dance with the possibility of further participation in competitions, and historical festivals

Visiting The School of Young Knights will give your child the opportunity to develop skills in:
- Etiquette
- Medieval dance
- Knowledge of the history, art and culture
- Exercise in self-defense and fencing

In our school, children can learn the traditional values, including the importance of family, honor, masculinity, protecting the weak, charity, generosity, self control, patience, and respect for others.

If you are interested in The School of Young Knights we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We also will be glad to help you open a School of Young Knight, in your city.

Phone: +371 277 877 81 (Mon-Fri from 10.00-17.00)


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