Templars today
rdre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem – Europe's oldest spiritual knighthood - which arose in 1118 and banned in 1312 again came out of the shadows in 1807, when the Temple was re-legalized by Emperor Bonaparte. Since then, order exists publicly and continues to carry out its task from 1118: Protection of pilgrims and Christian holy sites around the world, as well as assistance to pilgrims seeking the way to the New Jerusalem, in their spiritual quest.

    Modern spiritual chivalry, preserving the essence and old covenants of the temple, are not unfamiliar to adopt modern reality and adapt to today's award activity of social and economic realities. These knights do not wear armor, but on solemn ceremonies on top of suits they wear white coats with a cross as their brothers 900 years ago. Today it requires a new understanding of modern chivalry from order: Knight - as the perfect model of spiritual and physical and moral strength. A model, each brother of the Order equals to in its activities and spiritual quest.

    In connection with this understanding of chivalry, each of the brothers of the Order itself will determine the degree of how much he is close to ideal. For some brothers ministry is limited by spiritual practice and working on oneself, others choose a charity, But there are brothers who even nowadays go to the hot spots and risk their lives to protect Christian shrines. Or occupied by information support of pilgrims which are going to the holy land, working on conservation,as well as the completion of a fatal Friday lost secrets of the Order. By this we can distinguish five main areas of activity in order:

I. Charitable activities. Such as support to projects of the Order and as assistance to the pilgrims and the Christian churches and shrines.

II. DM - Personal Spiritual Practices of brothers and spiritual help in finding ways to pilgrims.

III. AM - Protection of Christian pilgrims and shrines in high-risk areas, including Africa and the Near East. Security mission, restoration and repair of temples, help pilgrims safely get to shrines. That is not a complete list of activities AM.

IV. SС - School Knights Preserving Order's Traditions .... Knight should be able to master a sword, as mastering a sword takes time and laborious study. To do this, one of the objectives of Order is the creation children's schools of knights, where children from socially disadvantaged families and "difficult children" can exercise for free, but investing in training their hard work and diligence. Order creates clubs for adults, where is taught the practice of physical and spiritual growth to become stronger and soak warrior spirit.

V. 9G - Restoration and research work on collecting lost spiritual treasures of the Order on fateful Friday the 13th 1307. The search of the 18 missing galleys and treasures of the Order.

    Today, the geography of the world has changed. Ease of understanding truth and falsehood, light and darkness that prevailed in the Middle Ages, remained in the past. Today no one can not say for sure where the border of the crusade. In the Holy Land? Through Arab neighborhoods in Paris? Or in people's minds? Despite the rebellious spirit of the new age with its desire for individualism and selfishness, we anyway, again and again, appeal to the values of traditional society. However, instead of European, many of us opt for the tradition of the East, Islam, Buddhism, because it has forgotten its own tradition.

"None of the prophets in his own country." Matf, ch. 13, p. 57

    May, before denying and look for miracles to the east, it is worth to learn about their own European tradition of mysticism, alchemy, esotericism? Today we live in an age when chivalry, the more spiritual, ceased to give worldly privileges. It is time that separates the wheat from the chaff. And there is a place in the Order only for the elite, those who do not ask what benefit he will receive. Those who seek the true path in the heavenly Jerusalem. And those who wants to make the world better.

And the lord said to slave: "Go on highways and hedges, and compel them to come to fill my house. As I tell you that none of those are called shall taste of my supper, as many are called but few are special." (St. Luke 14:23, 24)


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