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Description of the project

General name of the project: Men's Club "AM"

Project Brief:
It just happened that is not enough to be born a man, to find courage and strength. In old cultures there are different ways and rituals for their education and conservation. Today, no one needs such a quality as courage. In nowadays world there are new values - a life focused on getting elemental pleasure. It makes a man weak.

Men's Club "AM" can be interesting for those who want to remain a man, to save or to develop the courage, strength and other best male qualities. It is a place where men, feel of lack of men's emotion in the routine of modern life, will find understanding and associates.

One soldier in the field - it's good, but when you have friends, you can rely on - you're not just a warrior - you - POWER!

Who is the men's club for:
For men aged 26 years and older. For those who do not consider wins and male dominance politically incorrect and who wishes to overcome a fear of being defeated. Our Club - a community for real men seeking power and perfection through self-development.

Duration of the project:
Beginning in March 2014. You can join In the project at any time.

Basis of the project

Goal of the project:
Combining a strong spirit of men seeking the physical, spiritual and creative development in the best traditions of classic men's societies of interest.

Project Tasks:
1. Organization of physical and intellectual leisure for the project participants;
2. Parenting and preservation of traditional values and moral compass;
3. Creating a place where men could spend free time, interesting and useful for their own development;
4. Education of possession traditional chivalric methods.

What awaits you in the club:
- Classes with and without training supplies to sustain in good shape.
- Communication on various topics from fishing, politics, and women ... to jointly discuss business issues and other consolidation
- Joint visits and excursions.

What is the difference between us and the standard male and fight clubs?

First, unlike many fight clubs, We do not require a fanatical self-destruction, and do not encourage it.
Secondly, we are organized primarily for ourselves. To make it interesting. You can join or pass by.
Thirdly, the fact that we have varied interests. Training, fights and trips to the shooting range - it is not an end in itself and not the only time to spend.
We are more than just a club as there is a possibility to get a lot of useful and interesting contacts in a short time through us, in many different countries around the world.
Fourthly, "AM" is the field to communicate for generations. We are pleased to see among the participants of this project men who want to find a common language with their sons - teenagers, through joint male interests.

Necessary basic knowledge, skills:
Not required.

Materials and resources needed for the project:
Contributions of the project participants.

Other Resources:
Consultation and cooperation with experts in the field of sports, history, culture.

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